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Currently, there are many ways to get money, but not all of them can be considered easy. Here we present several options to achieve this, among which the microcredits of Levin Kley stand out . We will also explain other methods that can serve as a complement and which many people use when they want to get easy money . Take note and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Online microcredits: easy and immediate

Online microcredits: easy and immediate

The microcredits have revolutionized personal financing, which until recently only a privileged few had access to. Now practically any person of legal age can benefit from a credit in 24 hours, as it indicates a devastating fact in our platform: 90.79% of the requests of credit that Levin Kley receives are accepted. This is because we are able to say YES to those that other companies usually say NO: people registered in ASNEF , applicants without endorsement , users who do not have payroll but other periodic income, etc.

But the advantage to get money in this way is another advantage: speed . Each request is different, but if all the personal information provided is correct and sufficient, the client will receive the amount of his loan in his bank account in a few minutes . No other means of financing reaches this level of speed: neither credit cards, nor personal bank loans, nor ICO credits …

In the case of Levin Kley, credit conditions are very flexible and you choose them. The amount can range from € 50 to € 750 , much larger amounts than other online mini-loan companies. As for the return period, you can choose between 1 day and 30 days to return the amount of credit plus expenses.

The sale of gold, a boom that has reached the ceiling

The sale of gold, a boom that has reached the ceiling

Another common resource among those who want to get easy money is the sale of gold. This precious metal is considered a refuge value because it always has demand in the market and because it rarely depreciates. For this reason, going to a pawn shop with gold jewelery almost guarantees an injection of liquidity.
The problem with this method is that the client loses in two aspects : on the one hand, in economic terms, because the appraisal is usually lower than the market value of the gold is really because that business must look for a logical profit margin in a future resale. And on the other hand, in sentimental terms, because the client detaches himself from an object that has many memories and experiences associated with it.

Second hand items, a way to get easy money

Second hand items, a way to get easy money

The sale of objects in the second-hand market is another way to get money. It can be carried out both in specialized stores and among private individuals . In the first case, it is easier to sell, since the establishment usually buys your object immediately and then resell it later and take advantage of it. In the second case, you will be the one who manages and negotiates with the interested person the sale, with the mediation of the classic classified ads portals.

Several problems arise in this method. If it is done through a specialized store, you may be disappointed: the establishment will offer you a very low offer to ensure a profit margin. And if you directly seek people interested, it may not be so easy to find them: everything will depend on the sale price you establish and the state of conservation of the object to be sold.
Online platforms on varied services

Finally, there are many online platforms that allow you to easily become a user and achieve certain benefits in a simple way. This is the case of the survey portals : you sign up, do the surveys that are sent to you and give you compensation. All very simple, but with an important drawback: the money they offer is laughable. In other more prestigious cases, like Google and its Opinion Rewards, the compensations are higher than the average, but the problem in this case is that the money obtained can only be used in Google Play.

How to get easy money in Levin Kley: step by step
If the option that best convinces you to get easy money is the online microcredit of Levin Kley, here we explain briefly what you should do:

  1. Sign up on our platform, for which you will have to provide basic personal information such as your name, your email address or your bank account, where you will receive the money.
  2. Select the conditions of your loan: amount and term.
  3. After receiving the positive resolution, wait a few minutes and check the balance of your bank account to verify that you have received it correctly.
  4. Before the deadline chosen by you in step 2 is met, it returns the amount of the credit plus the expenses as stipulated by the lender, of which you will be informed at the time of approval.

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